Call for Papers

Dear authors,

We are approaching you on behalf of Journal of Development Innovations (JDI) (ISSN: 2371-9540) which is a peer-reviewed international journal published in Canada. The JDI is an official publication of KarmaQuest International which was established with an objective of promoting innovative ideas in the field of development and leaving the impact on the real world situations through various innovative programs. The KarmaQuest International has two labs, Innovation Lab and Impact Lab, and the journal is an offshoot publication of the Innovation Lab.

Our goal is to promote innovations so we do not charge publication fee for any publication.

The policy recommendations that you make in your scholarly work can also have potential to be brought into test to have its impact on real world through the projects in our Impact Lab. In the case that you become interested how we are impacting the world, you may want to visit our organization’s website following this link.

We are seeking manuscripts for the upcoming issue slated to come out online in June 30, 2019, and we the editors of the journal would like to invite you to submit unpublished original research paper through our paper submission system. The due date for the submission is March 31, 2019.

The journal accepts articles from any field that relates to economic development and growth, spanning, for example, from environment and climate change to science and engineering. Our journal has also made an effort to provide some potential research topics that researchers may useful when deliberating for a topic which you can access in this link as well.


Thank you for your consideration.


With regards,

Editorial Team, Journal of Development Innovations (JDI)