Impact Lab

Our Impact Lab implements projects when they become ready for launch after rigorous discussion in Innovation Lab. We run these projects as pilot projects for research purpose and the projects that produce positive and significant impact are later brought into implementation in a larger scale.

Currently we have two programs in consideration targeting the most vulnerable groups in terms of the prevalence of joblessness. One of the programs facilitates job-related services to members of the most deprived families who face a lot of difficulties to have access on formal jobs and thus hardly can afford their children’s education and healthcare posing threat to their uninterrupted growth ahead and another program targets unemployed youth cohort which is characterized by the group having largest unemployment rate among various demographics. We are in the stage of developing programs to increase employability of these groups.

(1) Facilitating Jobs for Families with Vulnerable Children

The first project we developed targeting these people is ‘Wage-an-Hour for Children-in-Need (WaHCiN). The project has dual objectives: to support the families with most vulnerable children with their financial needs and to provide opportunities for international volunteers to be able to volunteer abroad staying at home.

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(2) Job Opportunities for Youth (JOY)

The first of the projects under this scheme encourages young individuals to create their own job opportunities by themselves. The program is called ‘Create your Own Job, Youth’ (COJY). We begin with targeting youths in marginalized communities who would come helpful in mitigating problems prevailing in their communities and transform them, on one hand, into a better place to live and, on the other, create jobs for themselves. We plan to create a pool of youth educators, environmentalists, social activists, human right activists, legal service advisors and others who come helpful to transform their societies.

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