Create your Own Job, Youth (COJY)

Unlike traditional approaches in which a person strives for obtaining a job in a formal job market after achieving certain qualification (such as certain level of education or vocational training), we have developed a complementary approach in which youth are encouraged to invent ways to create their own job or increase their employability condition, which will exploit the prevailing conditions in which they are living or the technological change that’s taking place in their surroundings. We facilitate them through various creative ideas and supportive roles in their efforts.

We begin with targeting youths in marginalized communities who would come helpful in mitigating problems prevailing in their communities and transform them, on one hand, into a better place to live and, on the other, create jobs for themselves. In this program, the person seeking job identifies the problem prevailing in the society in which she/he is living and come up with possible solutions to address that problem. For example, a community lacks in its effort to keep it clean and an individual in that community can stand up to spread awareness in the community about how to make it clean. Our program aims at helping enthusiastic individuals like this to connect them with international donors who are interested in leaving the positive impact in such communities with their contributions. The KarmaQuest International’s role is to work as a bridge between youth workers and the donors in which youth in disadvantaged communities can create their own opportunities with the help of contributions made by philanthropists around the world. The community workers will work under the supervision of participating genuine NGOs or community partners.

We plan to create a pool of such young social activists all over the world in the long-run. Such activists include educators, environmentalists, social activists, human right activists, legal service advisers and others who come helpful to transform their societies. The participating individuals will be assigned rating numbers based on the number of hours served in the communities and the quality of services they provided. The donors will be provided the details on how the job was accomplished. The participating NGO is required to send the details on the work done, including the verification from the family or community served. We will do the final approval of the task accomplished. In the case of not approval from us, the amount paid will be refunded to the donor. We pursue all avenues possible to ascertain that the person genuinely worked for the intended job, ranging from attendance verification from targeted family or community itself, satisfaction ratings by service recipients on quality of service provided, supporting pictures or videos and other pertinent testimonials.

As in WaHCiN, the underlying feature of this program is also to exploit the benefit that can be generated from wage differential between developed and the developing countries.