Jobs for All, a Precondition for Global Peace and Prosperity …

Many societies today are characterized by some sort of violence. One of the root causes of this global sin is people’s lack of engagement in society-friendly activities which force them to engage instead in anti-social behaviors such as extortion, burglary and other forms of crimes. Such violence is perpetrated mainly by young individuals who are often unemployed lone wolves and have weak ties with the family and society. Not only at the individual level, history has seen lawlessness and political upheavals in country levels as well owing to mass unemployment in the society. Evidences are also awash in literature connecting unemployment and social crime having a very strong positive association. Had there been jobs for all, the crimes in society would have been certainly at minimal level, if not down to zero. Definitely hard is to find someone with a decent job who has committed crime ever in his/her life which is a legitimate reason about how important it is to guarantee jobs for all to secure peace in societies around the world.
Here we are with an urgent but a challenging endeavor of convincing people around the world, and act upon on the ground, to guarantee jobs for all in this beautiful planet and contribute for global peace and prosperity!

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