KarmaQuest International is a research-focused registered charity in Canada!

We believe ...

Solution of global problems requires innovative approaches through the discovery of new knowledge.

What we do ...

We conduct research, innovate ideas, and apply those ideas on the ground to leave the impact on people’s everyday life.

Train Local Youths as Healthcare Workers and Deploy Them to Serve their Own Communities

In this project, we conduct randomized control trial experiment to test whether deploying healthcare workers from within the communities itself will solve the problem of people's poor health conditions in marginalized communities.

LEARN MORE about the project including program relevance, project map, and research design.

We are currently mobilizing resources for this project. Your contribution will help mitigate basic healthcare hardships of the people living in one of the most deprived parts in the world.

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We help children around the world based on Children's Vulnerability Index (CVI). 

Our recent survey in a most deprived community in Nepal revealed that children's growth potential in the families listed above has been greatly threatened. We look forward to working with development stakeholders to ensure smooth growth of children in these families!

Find out how we calculate CVI HERE.

Few programs under discussion

We develop a conceptual framework, modalities and its operational design and then put these projects into discussion through scholarly articles with a view to invite peer reviews and constructive discussions before they are launched on the ground. The following programs, with brief conceptual framework, will be set out for discussion sooner.

 Shop Green Products

This project envisions creating a social business that will be engaged in both retail and wholesale businesses of buying environment-friendly goods from developing countries and selling them in developed world. The objective of this project is to leave social impact in poor countries through job creation for extra-marginalized families and help them earn a living wage. The company will facilitate small enterprises operating in developing countries to gain market access in developed countries with a condition that the businesses will employ individuals from low income families to raise their living standard. The green goods to be traded will include handicrafts, agricultural products, jewelry, wood and stone-made sculptures, to name a few, the production of which do not leave adverse effect in the environment.

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